Brownfield / Greenfield Site concept

When it comes to designing or building a facture, one should take into consideration selecting the suitable site for his business. Such a decision needs some time. There are 2 types of sites:

Greenfield: a land that hasn’t been built on before, easier to make a design process for as it has few constraints; however, it needs a high level of infrastructure work.
Brownfield: a land or an existing facility used before for another or the same purpose. Meaning, a new factory will be built on an existing site that will either required a demolition or a revamp to meet the new business requirements.

Our team will assist you with the design and planning of your site either it’s Greenfield or Brownfield.

  • A study of feasibility fitting new site in appropriate location.
  • Produce a number of concept layouts with various solutions based on the size, the requirements and the best market value options.
  • Master layout for internal equipment and efficient process flow.
  • Fully automated facility concept / concept of semi-automated with integrations sections. Like an automated solution which will improve your current process flow, ex automated storage systems, transportation, loading. We are experienced in ASRS, multi-level conveyors, automated lines, AGV and automated loading system for lorries.
  • Facility management advisory. Energy-saving concepts. Energy shortage backup solutions.