Improving the existing site layout/process flow

We recognise that companies are increasingly concerned on their optimisation of space and its returns on investments, be it for space for production or warehousing. Our team help companies to better understand their processes and needs in order to better manage their rented space.

To tackle all type of spatial issues, our team will provide you with concepts for better space optimisation. Some of these issues may require plant re-layout, visual control management, shelving and storage solutions, and more.

Aside from saving on rental cost, space optimisation will benefite you with the following:

  • Operational improvement: overall workflow and production improvement, industrial waste reduction including transportation waste, as well as an effective and efficient inventory management.
  • Better management of equipment with taking into consideration maintenance access.
  • Safer workplace: accident prevention, better housekeeping facilities, etc.
  • Freeying-up more in order to to accommodate a new production line, or increase the office space, etc.